Personalised Birthstone Suncatcher 30mm


Personalised gemstone birthstone suncatcher, made to order from clear crystal beads, a red glass heart bead, birthstone gemstones of your choice and a 30mm prism ball.

Makes a very pretty gift, especially as you can personalise the suncatcher with birthstones of your choice.

For example: you would like to order a family suncatcher for your family of four and your birthdays are in March, June, October and December. Your personalised family suncatcher would then have the gemstones aquamarine, moonstone, pink opal and turquoise. Are you born in April and your partner in February? Then you can order a pretty clear quartz and amethyst suncatcher.

The different birthstones used for the personalised suncatcher are:
1. January - Garnet
2. February - Amethyst
3. March - Aquamarine
4. April - Clear Quartz
5. May - Chrysoprase
6. June - Moonstone
7. July - Carnelian
8. August - Sardonyx
9. September - Lapis Lazuli
10. October - Pink Opal
11. November - Citrine
12. December - Turquoise

You can see the stones on the photo, the stones are numbered. Please note the stones are ordered by month but Amethyst and Aquamarine are not in the right order in the picture. Amethyst is the purple stone (number 2) and Aquamarine is light blue (number three).

Please leave a note at checkout to let me know which months/ gemstones you would like in your suncatcher.

The total length of the Personalised Gemstone Birthstone Suncatcher is approximately 24cm including the hook.